Free Weekly
On-site Testing

For you and your staff and their family on-site at the current workplace.

Why employers love our service:

Free Covid-19 Tests
Rapid Tests Available
On-site testing
Excellent customer support

Free Covid-19 RT-PCR tests

Tests provided by GENTECH Laboratories, a FDA/CDC CLIA High complexity approved lab. Must have 10 or more persons at the workplace to test.

Electronic Results in 1-2 days

All expenses are covered whether you are insured or uninsured. 

Same day test results available

Curious about our Rapid Covid-19 Antigen tests for same day results.

We make it easy:

We bring this convenient healthcare service right to you, with no copays or hidden costs to the patient without the long waits at a government testing site, physician referrals or unpleasant invasive procedures. 


Sign-up is quick for employees.


We come to you, on-site.


Results come via text and email.

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